MbD Classes

MARRIAGE BY DESIGN Classes are NOW being offered!

Marriage by Design is a marriage study designed to teach foundational techniques that will greatly enrich your marriage, regardless the degree of distress, as we learn God’s definition of a successful marriage based on selflessness. This is a venture in utilizing God’s design in marriage to re-establish a healthier foundation and undo some of the damage that has occurred through our marital journeys. MbD demonstrates that even with all the challenges that couples face today, marital harmony need not be considered an impossible ideal.


“Marriage by Design” was the First Place-Gold Medal WINNER (Christian-Living Category) in the 2015 Reader’s Favorite International Literary Awards Contest!

GREAT RESOURCE for classes or marriage/life groups!

For information about how MARRIAGE by DESIGN might be implemented in your church or small group, please contact Eric Disney @ (951)734-9574 x300 or email  eric.disney@nbcc.com

For information on current class offerings scroll to the bottom of this page.



CALIFORNIA, Inland Empire:

New Beginnings Community Church, 1769 Western Avenue, Norco, Ca. 92860 (Corner of Parkridge and Western) Call (951)734-9574 x300 for more information

2017 UPCOMING CLASS DATES (See “NBCC Recovery/Personal Growth Classes & Retreats” for details and Registration link.)

Marriage by Design (Winter Class 2017) 1/12 – 3/30  CONCLUDED

Marriage by Design (Spring Class 2017) 3/2 – 5/18  CONCLUDED

Marriage by Design (Summer Class 2017) 7/27 – 10/12  Click HERE to register.

Marriage by Design (Fall Class 2017) 8/31 – 11/16  Coming Soon




Some words from those who have taken a MARRIAGE BY DESIGN Class:

“It taught us to STOP – LOOK – LISTEN – PRACTICE!  It made us aware of how the smallest things could make a difference. It brought FUN back into our relationship!”


“After 40 years, we realized that we needed to get help.  We had to address personal issues that were causing problems.  Learning and using the skills taught has really helped us.”


“We opened up more with each other.  Things I normally wouldn’t hear my husband say, he was able to share.  I found (Marriage by Design) extremely beneficial.”

-M and R

“We will always be a work in progress, but we are so blessed to be impacted by this class and the counsel that we received!”


“(Marriage by Design) has given me biblical insight on how to be a better spouse to my wife and better ways to communicate with her.”


“This class has great impact on our relationship! Our attitudes and communication are improved and we have learned how to love and respect one another. Much thanks!”

-James and Yesenia

“You would think that after 29 years of marriage who would need to read a book and take a class on marriage?  We agreed to take this class because we are in a new season (looking at retirement, empty nest, senior citizenship, etc.).  “Marriage by Design” has sharpened our old sturdy tools and we have acquired new ones too!  Taking this class is the best decision we’ve made in a long time.”

-Tommy and Maria

“Marriage by Design” unlocks the word of God and allows married couples to truly understand what and how God designed marriage to be.  This experience was such a blessing!”

-Bo and Priscilla

“We already had an awesome relationship, but, this class drew us closer, our communication is clearer, I don’t get so judgmental over things. My husband stepped up to his role as the leader of our family. We are so blessed and grateful that we took this class! Thank you.”

-W and K

“When we started the class we were ready to sign divorce papers!  This class has been eye-opening.  I am so glad we did this!  My hope has been restored and I will be forever grateful!”

-Steve and Sally

“This class has helped us to open up, listen to one another, have compassion for each other and seek God as the focal point of our relationship. We LOVED this class!”

-C and T

“Thank you so much for sharing your new book, Marriage by Design, with me.  At first I was just curious, but after reading it I am so very grateful for your thoughtfulness in sharing such an outstanding book with others.  Surprisingly, married as long as we have, I learned so much more regarding love, respect, honor, raising children and being a good partner. Your book is certainly a true blessing for everyone desiring a marriage that will last a lifetime!” 

-Earl and Mary (married 68 years)

“This class has reminded me how important communication is in any relationship and even more so with my spouse.  We have learned much about gratitude and valuing our marriage and this new life we have been given.  Thank you!”

-Frank and Sherry

“(Marriage by Design) gave me great perspective about the role of “head of household”. I had been sitting on the sidelines. It took my beautiful wife and this class to wake me up. I am now taking my place as the spiritual leader to my wife and kids as designed by Christ.”


“I would recommend this class to ANY couples that are married, even if you’re not having problems.  It’s just a great class!”

-J. D.

“In my relationship with my wife, I felt like there was no hope.  However with the chapter by chapter examples and practical biblical insight we learned how to understand each other. I feel like we are on the right path to a WONDERFUL marriage.”


“Every marriage, no matter how good it is (or you think it is) can benefit from this class and book.  There are so many helpful encouragements to get your (our) marriage back on track, the way God intended it to be.”





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