Avoid Playing the “D” Card

Divorce-cut finger image

Realizing how much internal dialogue can affect our behavior, you can understand the importance of removing the “D” card from the options in your marital deck. Also note that just because Jesus condemns divorce, except in the case of adultery, does not imply that God can’t perform miraculous restoration in a relationship even where infidelity has occurred. In spite of adultery, or any other sinful behavior for that matter, God can bring healing to a broken marriage. Forgiveness and repentance can reign supreme. God has the absolute ability to heal the pain and restore such relationships. I have witnessed it time and time again. Understand, however, that a couple must want what God has to offer.

The point here is to make sure that divorce does not become an option for you without exhausting every possibility to make your relationship not just work but flourish. If the potential for divorce is always a viable option, you will increase the odds of that card being played. Assess your internal belief system and ask yourself the question: is it time to make some adjustments and prioritize your marriage rather than your escape plan?

Did you experience the loss and pain of divorce growing up?  What messages were you sent with regards to divorce?  What reason(s) could you give to justify playing the “divorce card”?  What does Matthew 5:31-32 speak to you?  Again, even in cases of infidelity, although stated as a reason to divorce, we still know how God feels about the subject.  Nor does this reason override the healing and restorative power of Jesus when we place our relationship in His hands.

©2014 Eric A. Disney, Marriage by Design

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