A Valentine of Hope – The Power of Restoration

relationship repair

Whenever someone experiences car trouble, one of two things must occur. First, if you have been blessed with a mechanical aptitude, you will pop the hood and do a step-by-step analysis to determine the problem, then repair accordingly. Second, if you fall into the category of people of which I am a member, you will call your mechanic to have them take a look at the situation.  The experts will evaluate and diagnose the problem and make any repairs necessary to your car, hopefully putting it back into the state prior to the breakdown. Marriage is very much the same way. When things start to break down it becomes necessary to evaluate and repair the relationship. The great thing is that if both spouses are willing to put forth the effort, complete reparation is possible. We need to remind ourselves of what kind of God we serve. He is the God of miracles. He is also a healing God, and a God of restoration.

In the book of Amos, Israel is being punished for falling into sin, and the house of David has fallen. God had made a covenant with David, stating that one of his descendants would always sit on the throne. In Amos 9:11, God declares, “I will restore David’s fallen tent, I will repair its broken places, restore its ruins, and will rebuild it as it used to be….” You and your spouse have also made a covenant with that same God. If you will allow him to lead, he will take your marriage on a journey of restoration like you never thought possible. But remember, it will be necessary for you to slide over and let God take the wheel.

Depending on the state of your current relationship, what will be necessary for you to put forth the effort required to enhance your marriage? Have you communicated those needs? It may be necessary to bring in a third professional party. Would you be willing to allow a mediator to input some suggestions to move your relationship forward? What are you willing to do? Do you trust that God can restore your marriage? Why/Why not?

Valentine’s Day is about stepping outside of yourself and honoring the other.  Don’t just say it with flowers, that’s a cheap effort when we are experiencing marital problems.  Invest in your relationship and the flowers next year will smell sweeter and have far more meaning.  Be blessed!

©2014 Eric A. Disney, Marriage by Design

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