Who Are You Modeled After?


When talking to men who struggle to lead their families, often I will ask them how their fathers modeled manhood to them. Many times they concede that they have had to figure it out for themselves because Dad was either always working, too busy, emotionally unavailable, distant from their wives, or even had affairs scattered on the horizon. None of which sets a great example. Bottom line, they had no earthly model. Guys, our God wants to be that model for you. We need to develop a close relationship with God so that we can have a healthy relationship with our wives and children.

Men, if someone is talking to you in a normal tone of voice from an office six doors down, are you likely to hear them? If you walk down to their office and continue the conversation, naturally you are going to hear what they have to say. The same goes with our relationship to God. Draw close to God and let him show you how to lead your family spiritually. In this way you can fulfill God’s calling on your life. You have a greater accountability to God by the design of your role in marriage. Your goal is to live up to it to the best of your ability.

Who are you modeled after? Where did you learn what a man was supposed to look like? As far as negative traits that you picked up, did you learn too well? To whom are you a model? Are you happy with the example you set? It’s not too late, lay your imperfections at the foot of the cross and begin to align yourself with Him. It’s never too late to better yourself. It’s what God want’s for us all.

©2014 Eric A. Disney, Marriage by Design

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